To Dream or Not to Dream

wedding-71Someday, I’d like to be a real wedding coordinator! When my sister got married, her sister-in-law-to-be and I helped keep things together. It was the “Karen and Sharon” show. It was too bad that she lived in North Carolina and I in Ohio. We really made a good team.

You have an incredible opportunity, though. If the idea of being a wedding coordinator is something that really pulls at your heart strings, my friend Brenda Strohbehn, is just the one to help you fulfill your dreams! She is offering a course for wedding coordinators at an incredibly discounted price (like half the price)! She’s one of the most amazing people I know and very organized. In the years that I’ve known her, I’ve sometimes wondered what hasn’t she done or what doesn’t she know. She’s just that kind of person. One of the things that I have most appreciated about her is that she is real. What you see is what you get. And so easy to talk to.

So if you’ve been dying to be a wedding coordinator, check out her website: The special price is only until Saturday, August 31.

Honestly, I don’t understand much about being an affiliate, but I do know that I have to let you know that if you mention my name when you register, I will receive compensation for my advertizing her course.

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“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing yet had been done.” C.S.Lewis Andy and I have been married for 20 years and have three children in double digits.
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